What Are The Hermansen
Brothers Up To Lately?

Dave, Kevin & Mike Hermansen have always been highly involved & highly successful with eCommerce. In fact, they have built over 180 eCommerce stores over the years. Their full-blown Dropship eCommerce Training Course has been moved back to the parent site, StoreCoach.com. If you were a paying member of Dropship Blueprint but you have not yet received an invite to activate your account at StoreCoach.com, click here to email us and request access to the training.


In addition to our amazing Dropship eCommerce Training Course, we have developed and launched a new course all about private-labeling your own products. The new course, along with the original, are both available inside of the new Private Label Profits Academy.

The Private Label Profits Academy is available to anyone, but certain qualifications must be met in order to be accepted. To learn more about our academy and how we might be able to help you in your eCommerce efforts, click here.

In addition to the Academy, Store Coach also provides brokering services to those looking to sell their web properties and we have a marketplace for those looking to pick up a web asset rather than building one. Visit Store Coach for more details about these two services.